7 Wonders shoes ideal for this summer

The summer has already arrived, it arrived, it has already arrived!🎶

Literally, summer has come to stay and we did not want to let this opportunity go by recommending some of our favorite models. Which? The Winders women's shoes What else will be taken these hot months and with those who, without a doubt, no one will be indifferent.

We have thrown my eye to a few models and, although it has cost us to decide, we have made a Selection of our 7 favorites. So take paper and pencil or open a note on your phone and start aiming because you're going to have it hard to decide what your favorite pair is.

Suede sandals with wood effect heels

If there is a footwear par excellence in summer, they are sandals. And what is the key to giving them a sandals that touch of elegance that we like so much? A little heel 5 cm with wood effect.

These beautiful Wonders sandals come in Camel color and have a hexagonal buckle closure. A perfect tonality to become the perfect complement for those Looks Ibicencos. How much are we going to wear this summer? And if you are one of those who care about whether they do not endure the heel, do not worry! They feature Memory Gel templates to make your day the most comfortable as possible.

Braided dancers with toe

Oh, what would be from us without a couple of good dancers. This Wonders model is ideal for summer and will become your Wild footwear By the time you do not have any idea how to complete your outfit.

Leather, combining beige and black, and toe on black saw, these braided dancers come with an elastic on the vira to fit perfectly at your feet. And yes, with memory gel templates and over they are made in spain, Like the whole range of Winders footwear!

Desecurized shoes in Print Zebra

Those who like to risk, this model is for you. With a Animal Print of Zebra, these beautiful shoes with elastic piece on the strip to ensure a better Wonders clamping will be the perdition of those that, like us, do you like dare with new things.

This model has vinyl pieces on both sides, its interior is lined with skin and, of course, bring templates from Memory Gel. In addition, with 3.5 cm high, its Geometric heels They give a very chic touch. Zapacádicta, do you dare?😉

Boots Serraje Camperos with Kids

That yes ... The boots are a typical winter footwear, but ... and what do you tell me about these baby booties? They have an interior that combines the skin and tissue, a zipper closure and height height heels.

Wonders bet on this summer collection 2021 by these dark Camel leather portrait booties, for me, to deny it, Feed wonderfully with light colors dresses. Your Instagram is going to thank you. Moreover, there will be no influencers at your height!

Sports Leather Wonders Fly with Elastic

You would not think that everything were going to be open, shoeadictas shoes. In summer we can also enjoy The comfort that Sports always offer us, like this model of Wonders.

With black skin finishes with chopped and elastic cords that, next to the white sole, make a fantastic contrast with black skin, combining with all the looks. Checked 100%!

Summer is a very important time for the care of our feet, since the heat and sweat cause those fearsome flocks that, once they appear, there is no way to get rid of them. But in Wonders they have thought about all the details. For that reason, these sportsmen come with a rubber floor extralight That will protect you at all times.

Finger sandals in engraving coconut with high wedges

In this selection of Wonders women's shoes ideal for summer we could not stop including another pair of sandals. Of course, as you can check, totally different!

These Sandals of Finger and High Wedge (7 cm that will take you to the clouds) have some Coco Rust engraved leather strips In brown. What else can we say? They are elegant, feminine and, like most Wonders models, come equipped with Memory Gel templates so you can enjoy maximum comfort as possible. A off-road footwear for this summer.

And here our selection of women's wonders shoes ideal for this summer. Although if you feel like take an eye on the rest of the models, You can do it with a simple click here. These are just some of our favorites, but you will find others within the 2021 summer collection that will also love.

If what you're looking for are Comfortable shoes to work for many hours standing, in this posableT. We tell you what are the best. Sneakers, ballerinas, marsh, moccasins ... so you can feel comfortable without giving up wearing a nice footwear.

And if later you do not know how to organize all your shoes, we have compiled some Very useful tips to organize your closet in this post.. Do not hesitate for a moment, ShoeAdicta, you would like Marie Kondo to know these tips!

Thank you for trusting Cortés!

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