Spray Rubber Buffer for Hunter Care

SKU: 6589-TU


Spray rubber polisher Rubber Buffer from the Hunter brand. Repairing spray that eliminates typical white marks that appear in high quality rubber boots. 100% silicone emulsion. Colorless. Suitable for matte, bright, neon, metallic or pearly finishes, although its excessive use in metallized and pearly models can affect the finish.

Color: Colorless

The delivery time to Spain and Portugal (except Azores and Madeira) is 24-48 hours, Baleares 2-3 days (business days, orders carried out on weekends leave on Monday)

A Melilla, Ceuta, Canarias, Azores and Madeira will be delivered within ten business days (except delays due to customs withholdings)

International shipments (estimated days):

Germany - 4 business days.

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Holland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania - 5 business days

United Kingdom, Italy - 5 business days

Bulgaria, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Canada, USA, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland - 6/7 business days

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