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7 zapatos de mujer muy cómodos para trabajar de pie

7 very comfortable women's shoes to work standing

, by Zapaterías Cortés Admin, 5 min reading time

Shoeadictas, next week the summer begins and we know that you have a lot of desire to enjoy it as never after a really complicated year. However, we do not live in a fairy tale, and work is work. Yes, who has said that we can not work comfortable, fresh and to the last?

Attentive, because we are going to share with you the best and more comfortable women's shoes For all those who like us, you have to work many hours standing. Bye, bye, heels!

Lace-up sports Arch Fit Comfy Wave in Malva tissue

We started this selection of more comfortable women's shoes to work with the most comfortable footwear par excellence: sporting. They are perfect for all those people who are all day from here. The Skechers support him everything! In addition, these Arch Fit of the Spring-Summer Collection 2021 in Malvo tones and with a sole with flexible traction of 3.5 cms of height will be responsible for putting a touch of color to your summer looks.

We have been saying it in our last posts ... there is no more comfortable shoes than a good couple of Skechers.. Undoubtedly, the most comfortable women's shoes to work many hours standing.

Multicolor ballerinas with interior wedge and bow

If we think about very comfortable women's shoes to stand, surely our first choice are sports. But what would be the second? That's right, we thought the same thing: the dancers.

They are beautiful, lightweight and very easy to combine shoes. This Callaghan model offers this and much more, since thanks to its interior wedge of 3 cms and its fabric with this nice loop in cinnamon color will be the perfect complement for your outfits this summer.

Sportswear cotton with thick apartment April

There is no one who does not trust the Victoria shoes, and we understand why. They lived their boom at the end of the 80s and there was no child who did not have a pair. Now, Victoria is still a symbol of quality, fashion and, how she was already at that time, comfort.

These sneakers in raw white buttoned, made of 100% cotton tissue, are the Perfect complement for a look with jeans or dress. Your secret? Your rubber floor with platform of 4 cms thick will make your feet do not suffer a single second. One of the best models of women's shoes for your day to day at work. And remember, Made in Spain!

Rafia Menorquines with Chiara Platform

Welcome to the world of espadlides, sandals and menuchains or, rather, welcome to the world of Stern. Her footwear stands out as one of the most comfortable women this summer and, we say it with great pride, it is Manufactured handmade in Spain.

These Rafia Morners with Chiara platform in beige and white tones, with leather strip to the heel, have a wide platform with rubber base for you to step without fear, shoeadicta.


Loafers of Charol Wonders Fly with draft

Yes, you have read well, the loafers are inside the list of women's shoes more comfortable to work. Specifically, this model of Wonders Fly. In Navy Blue Charol, with Cocktail and Deck on the Shovel are perfect to go comfortable in the office and draw attention at the same time.

Are you still not convinced? Well point😉

  • Memory Gel Templates, Super fluffy and soft to cushion your footsteps and make your feet rest when they walk.
  • Extralight rubber floor, that is, these loafers do not weigh anything at all.
  • Wedge of 4 cms of height (2 cms front platform included).

Rafia blades with bow ornament

Flat sandals are a must for this summer. If you still do not have a couple like you are in your power, do with some quickly because they fly. Not only you can keep your feet cool without losing elegance, but you will also be comfortable because they come Padded with some leather templates

In beige, to combine with all your looks and with a beautiful boring of bust doing tie at the top, these Lol Shoes sandals will become that acquisition by which everyone will ask you: Sorry, where are you bought?

Sports Sock in silver tissue with strass

As expected, sneakers are responsible for closing this top of the most comfortable footwear.

Light, with rubber floor Adaptlite and 5 cms tall in its back, these sports Callaghan sock will be the perfect tune between comfort and sophistication this summer. Yes, yes ... you've heard well, sophistication. Have you seen that finish in elastic tissue color silver with details of strass? Irresistible! Once you buy them, we promise it, you will not stop putting them!

Sneakers, ballerinas, Menorquines, Moccasins ... In the variety is the good taste and in Cortés Zapaterías we agree. Find the model that best suits your style and needs and feel comfortable this summer at work without giving up wearing a beautiful footwear.

But not everything is going to be a job! If you want to know the shoes that are most going to take this summer, consult this post. In which we tell you what the most popular models will be.

And if you just want to take a look to see if any shoe awakens your interest, do not hesitate! At our Online store You will find from simple models to the most risky. Navigate a while among the hundreds and hundreds of models that we offer on our website and we assure you that you will be in love with more than a couple.

Thank you for trusting Cortés!

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