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Zapatos para destacar estas Navidades

Shoes to stand out this Christmas

, by Sandra Castro, 1 min reading time

Don't you know what to wear either?
It may help you to know the most notable trends for these dates, what we are going to see the most, whether you like to wear heels or if you are a regular in flat footwear.
A prominent place is occupied by the classic pumps, with which you will perfectly complete any look you decide to wear. They come in any material (leather, suede,...), and they can be completely smooth or have some decoration such as studs or rhinestones, the latter perfect for parties.

This is a small selection of what you can find on our website and in our physical stores.


Another trend that has emerged at the last moment are the models with Glitter, which seem to have a prominent place this Christmas as a trend, but after these dates they will go well with any garment that we wear.

Let's give it, if possible, a more sophisticated and new appearance.



We find them beautiful, original and very comfortable.


Another trend, although a continuation of last summer, is platforms. We can find them

in different versions: moccasins, ankle boots,... It is better to use them with wide, flowing skirts or pants, since with other types of clothing they give a somewhat strange appearance. What is clear is that you can wear more heels and stand out, feeling more comfortable.

 We especially like these two:

We hope you liked this selection that we made for you, and that it helps you decide what you are going to wear to this year's dinners.


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