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Alpargatas Vidorreta, un calzado ideal para verano

Alpargatas Vidorreta, an ideal footwear for summer

, by Zapaterías Cortés Admin, 5 min reading time

If you are thinking about packing and going on vacation to a paradisiacal place, I'm sure there are two or three essential things you would never forget: Sun protection, swimsuits and, of course, Alpargatas Vidorreta..

They are the perfect footwear for summer days and their versatility makes us love them even more. Surely there are many models of espadrilles and assure you that each and every one of them, you will have them available with the quality and design of the seal Vidorreta. The Made in Spain brand that we were waiting for.

So let's go to the mess! From Cortés Zapaterías we have proposed to make a selection of Alpargatas Vidorreta Favorites and, although it has cost us a lot, these are our winnings:

All the color! If you thought that the espadrilles had to be black or white, you were very wrong. This model of Valencian espadrilles and manufactured in multicolored interwoven combined with mole, mauve or red will undoubtedly be the jewel of the crown this summer.

Development Made in Spain is 100% reflected not only for its quality, also in its design and safety thanks to being closed in the heel and its ribbons in red to tie or on the leg or ankle. The style is at your choice, a perfect option to give you your personal touch.

Its 10 cm esparto high wedge can give some vertigo, but its 3 centimeters of front platform make them all comfort, we assure you.

Do you already know with what outfits are you going to put them on?

Alpargatas Fur Vidorreta Decatronated Salon Cut

That they do not have a platform or height does not mean that they are not elegant espadrilles. This model of vidierret is something that we are not used to, but the first time we saw his court hall we were in love. Unscrew, made of Camel Color Leather Combined with Black Elastic and with Natural Spot Sole, what else can you ask for?

Oh yeah! They are made in spain😉 

Will these your favorite espadrilles be for summer 2021? We do not doubt it, we are already thinking that we will put them to go to the office, a meal with friends, on an afternoon of ride ... SUV and elegance now go hand in hand with the Vidorreta enlarges.

Padded skin sprinkles


They say that the black color stylizes and is elegant. The truth is that when seeing this model of vidorreta we have not a question of doubt. Leaving aside the most holiday colors and the most traditional models with tapes to tie the leg or ankle, these espadrilles and their bracelet closure with buckle are converted to the perfect footwear to be a zapacordict to which no plan is Resists.

They are made of materials such as Spotto, Skin and Gatered Details. Its 9 centimeters tall get more beaded thanks to their 3 centimeter front platform. We could say that they are the dream entertainment and we would not be exaggerating at all.

Valencian espadrilles of beige skin with black ribbons


The classics always come back (and never go out of fashion) and if not, let them be told to the marking of Apañargatas Vidorreta that bets on tape models to fit our feet in summer.

These women's espadrilles for the summer 2021 collection with their nude color and their strokes contracted in black are the perfect alternative to dress with elegance and not subtract protagonism to the rest of the outfit.

Its textile interior converts them into all comfort, and their black ribbons to tie on the legs or ankle are the key to the clamp. Everything will be under control although its 9 centimeters of height may seem of infarction at first.

Alpargatas Vidorreta de suede with elastics and high wedge

Is there something better than the earth colors in summer? They combine with blacks, with beige ... and when you are brunette feel great and still enhance the tone even more. Therefore, and for many more reasons, these tall wedges of esparto with cross-cut and elastics crossed to the instep take away the dream 😉

Its strip to the heel and its crossed elastics assure you a fastening and comfort to make any type of plans; From morning to night and making you forget your height of 9 centimeters.

Does the height worry you? You have seen that most entertainment have a considerable height, although its front platform relieves a couple of centimeters, but it is important that you keep in mind that VIDORRETA makes your shoes with a rubber sole. Outcome? An extra safety and grip.

We can not deny that we are looking forward to a Rayito de Sol to be able to put on our warm, low, closed or open ... the espadrilles you need are in Vidorreta. This is undoubtedly the Made in Spain brand from which we can not stop presuming.

Do you want to make you with a model (or two) of the Alpargatas Vidorreta? You can buy them in. Our online shoe store And start thinking all the outfits to look at summer days.

And, if what you want is to become an authentic expert on summer footwear, we encourage you to enjoy our latest post: Perfect woman shoes for summer, and What shoes will take this summer?

Thank you for trusting Cortés Zapaterías!

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