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¿Cómo organizar los zapatos en tu armario?

How to organize the shoes in your closet?

, by Zapaterías Cortés Admin, 5 min reading time

I know what you are thinking, Zapacádicta, you have all the shoes in your wardrobe totally disorganized. It may be because you do not know that there is a correct way to do it or even for lack of time, but from Cortés Zapaterías we assure you that if you follow the tips that we share next, there will be no excuse to not have everything ordered.

What are you going to get organizing your shoes? Not only are you going to win a wonderful visually order in the room or dressing, you will also save time looking for the right footwear for each occasion and will keep them in optimal conditions.

Everything is advantages, right?

How to start organizing the shoes?

It may seem that we are going to go crazy, but the first thing you have to do is put all your shoes in sight. Leave all your shoes in the living room or on the floor of your room, anywhere you can see the whole set of shoes to be able to organize them better.

Once you have all the shoes in sight, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What shoes do I use daily?
  • What shoes use occasional?
  • Do I have party footwear?

Depending on the answers you have, it brings together all your shoes in those three blocks: Footwear you use practically daily, the one that you whites occasionally or the shoes you use a couple of times a year.

Have you divided them into 3 groups? Great! Now check each and every one of them with a lot of MIMO. If there is any with damage that can not be repaired, it is time for you to dismiss; He has already fulfilled his function. Although eye, some can "save themselves" if you take them to a professional that leaves them as new😉

Organizing shoes in the closet is very important, and therefore to make the classification of the 3 groups becomes practically essential. If we do not do this step, you would never have the feeling of order that you will earn when you put these tips into practice.

What can I use to organize them in a faster way?

You already have the three lists of shoes and you have detached yourself from the models that were not in its proper form, and now what?

Zapacádicta, now is the moment you'll like the most: the fantastic world of boxes, cobblers and all kinds of objects that help us be more ordered!

This is the collection of our favorites.

The classic shoemaker.

It is a really interesting option to have our organized shoes. You can find shoemakers with traps (they are narrow and occupy very little space). Besides that the fact that they are "closed" will help you see your room or dressing much more organized and not so "loaded".

The shoemaker can also be found by metal. Simulating small shelves in which we will have the footwear in sight, but it is less "elegant" than the shoemaker with trapsons.

The classic shoemakers -with traps or open- you can find them from different heights, depending on the amount of footwear you have to save. It adapts to all zapacádictas and are fantastic for diary footwear😉

Boxes or baskets

Can they be wicker, fabric, cardboard ... And what about the wooden ones? They will be very cute in the shelves of your closet and nobody will know the secret that is kept inside it: the best jewels for your feet.

They are perfect to store your footwear and at the same time keep the decorative style of the room if you decide to put them out of the closet. All a plus.

Our recommendation? Save in boxes the shoes for casual use and party. If on the contrary you keep in boxes the daily shoes, you will end up not fulfilling the order that we longed for so much.

Door or closet organizer

Surely you've seen in many ways: With the top hanger to hang with the rest of the clothes, cloth which is fastened on the door of the closet ... They are of different materials, but the most common is the fabric of mesh that allows the shoe to breathe and not deteriorate.

These organizers are really useful when we have no space for boxes or classic shoemakers. There are even mesh organizers will fit up to 24 shoes!

A dream for any Zapatoadicta, right?

Tips for ordering

If you take into account the classification of 3 groups of shoes you like and what you put into practice, now I share these tips so you can keep it in time.

We know that the theory is always fantastic, but the practice ... Take note!

  • Repeat the process every season. Your winter shoes are not the same you use in summer, right?
  • And if you want you can get in Marie Kondo way to organize your shoes according to the materials. The skin in the same box, sandals in another ... to prevent it from rubbing against each other and deteriorate.
  • And finally our super tip: Use cloth bags for those shoes that will be stored for a long time, such as winter boots. It will help better preserved.

Now that you know how to order ... Get to work! Not without first to note that you clean and care for your shoes properly. On previous occasions we tell how you can clean your leather shoesDo not hesitate to consult the step to like-new.

We do not want to leave without prior yourself this question: Have you scrap of shoes that do not follow the new fashions or had flaws? Perhaps this is the perfect time to renew shoes😉

You can find out all the news and acquire new quality shoes in our Online store.

Are you prepared to give a great twist to your closet and organize your shoes?

Thank you for trusting Cortés Zapaterías!

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