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Cómo quitar el mal olor de los zapatos

How to remove odor from shoes

, by Zapaterías Cortés Admin, 6 min reading time

Did you know that about 20% of the Spanish population suffers foot odor? Do not worry, zapatoadicta, we did not know what that term meant. Simple and easy: smelly feet.

The causes are dozens. If poor diet, that if yeast infections, if metabolic disorders, but ... What is the most common? Synthetic materials that are sometimes used in the manufacture of footwear!

No need to worry because in Cortés Shoe stores we offer the best tips to remove smelly shoes😉 Attentive! Here are 15 tips that can save you and avoid an embarrassing moment to live the descalzarte.

By the way! If you are interested in this subject, recently we published a post on our blog where we tell how to disinfect shoes. YOU CAN take a look!

15 ways to remove odor from shoes

Antiviral Protector repellent

Shoe stores in Cortés we like to take care of you, so one of our star products is the Antiviral repellent protector which inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses, allowing sanitization of your shoes.


Change your templates

Sneakers are one of those who produce and retain more sweat so in case you use templates, you must change them religiously or smell will always persist.

Choose the template that best suits your shoes and walk the kilometers necessary without suffering odor problems. From Cortez Shoe Stores, we recommend our templates washable gel scented aloe vera. Enjoy the best comfort while your feet stay dry.

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Sodium bicarbonate

There are tips and advice, but more effective and simpler than this, it's hard! Applies only a spoonful of baking soda inside each shoe before bed and, Voila! When you wake up the bad smell is gone.

Where can I buy it? Approach the nearest pharmacy and there you will sell no problem.

Envelopes infusions

Black tea

The black tea contains a very effective teína when kill bacteria that cause odor. Apply this technique is simple super. Enter a couple of bags of black tea in boiling water, remove them and let them cool. Then enter them for an hour in footwear and ready, ran smells bad.

Chamomile tea

In this case, you must repeat the same process we followed with black tea. Leave the chamomile tea bags are infused act on each shoe overnight and repeat the process until the smell is gone completely.


Baby talcum powder

All tips that you are counting are super easy to carry out and in less than a minute'll end up with the problem of bad odor forever. Imagine coming home, take your shoes off and throw them a little baby talcum powder. Leave the dust inside all night and the like with baking, I'll be be!

Apple vinager

Yes, you read well, apple cider vinegar. Grab a pair of cottons and empápalos well before putting on shoes. If one night is not enough, repeat the process a second or third time and see that the bad smell eventually disappear.

Citrus peel

You do not have a couple of oranges or lemons at home? Well you're in luck! These citrus peels are one of the best home remedies to remove the bad smell of shoes. As with other tips, leave the skins of these fruits inside shoes for a few hours and then allowed to be aired overnight.

lemon peel

antibacterial wipes

Undoubtedly, one of the fastest solutions of all. Simply, clean the inside of your shoes with an antibacterial wipe and leave them dry. As simple as that!


You see that the elements that we are using we can have them at hand at home, as is the case of our next ally: alcohol. But do not think badly! We are talking about alcohol of 96º, that of disinfecting wounds, the one of a lifetime.

Take a cotton, pack it well and clean the inside of your shoes daily. Remember to let them dry before using them! The smell will never return to your shoes. Saint Hand.😉

Freeze your shoes.

In Cortés Zapaterías we like to risk! We tell you so much what are the Models that are going to petar this summer, as we tell you that ... freeze your footwear. Quiet, it's all under control!

Enter your shoes in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer over a whole night. What will we get? Eliminate all bacteria, which are those responsible for producing the stench.


This aromatic plant has very useful antibacterial properties in the task that today occupies us. Both to the natural, with a few branches of lavender, as with a few drops of oil from it, leave them for a few hours in your footwear and will eliminate the bad smell. Although it seems that lavender oil can be an uncommon item, you will find it for sale in pharmacies and many supermarkets.


Tea tree essential oil

Tea tree oil (also available in pharmacies), coming from the Australian tea tree, can be your Savior on more than one occasion. With droplets of this product a couple of times a week, bacteria will not want to approach your shoes.

Choose a breathable footwear

Especially in summer, the choice of good footwear is paramount, and even more so if you practice sports. The most important thing: it will transpire. The same happens with socks or stockings. Try to avoid synthetic components and bet on natural fabrics.

In Cortés Zapaterías we offer you the best selection of sneakers To make your feet do not suffer during the summer months and, of course, your shoes never have a bad smell.

Personal hygiene

Yes. We know it. When removing the bad smell of the shoes it seems that sometimes it is never enough. Not only is it important to wash your feet well, but dry them, especially in the areas between the fingers, is of vital importance. This happens because it is in these small areas where more humidity accumulates, which promotes the appearance of bacteria and fungi that will cause bad smell.

Foot deodorant

In supermarkets or pharmacies, feet deodorants are already present on all surfaces. Taking care of our body hygiene is no longer a taboo and today you can choose between the best variety of sprays and creams that best suit your needs. Apply it to your feet before going to sleep and say goodbye to the bad smell.

And here our advice. We hope you have been helpful and you discover which one is best adapted to you.

Thank you for trusting Cortés Zapaterías!

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